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Working harder and smarter for my clients is the simple answer to why they succeed buying the right home. In addition to my diligence, my clients get great homes in part because they become and are better prepared and knowledgeable than other buyers — in which houses offer the best value, in what to expect as real estate transactions unfold, and just how to make an offer that resonates to start the journey to be a winning bid. My buyer services are driven for the best outcome.

At Stanwick Real Estate, our mission for buyers is “Outwork, Outsearch, Outoffer,” and here’s how it works:


Terracina Ln, Loomis, CA 


The beginning of our quest for the right home,  starts by learning your “must-haves” in a home. From that, I’ll help you develop a list of criteria by which you can evaluate every house you see. (It’s an invaluable tool to save time and refine your search.) Together, we’ll view a targeted selection of homes to ensure I fully understand your tastes. I’ll focus on delivering homes that minimally meet the criteria for you to consider pursuing. 

Before the house search intensifies, you’ll be totally comfortable with making an offer fully understanding the terms, processes and paperwork of real estate transactions so that when its time comes to win the home, you will be ready. Being prepared and ready ensures when the right home is available, you can stay focused on getting the house.

The bidding process can be nerve-wracking even for the coolest and most quantitative among us, so we want you to be ready: Familiar with what’s unfolding, certain that your bid is strong yet prudent, and confident that you’re making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life wisely.


We strongly believe that before you spend a small fortune on a home, you should first invest the time needed to understand how real estate really works. Knowledge is a powerful antidote to the confusion (and, at times, terror) that many buyers feel when pushed to make a decision before they’re ready.

When Buyers understand the the home buying process the end result is success. For more than 20 years I have served clients by taking the time to get to know them and the future home they want. When you have the tools (and facts) to understand the housing market, you can make an informed decision with total commitment. It’s that simple. And once you’re comfortable with the process and excited about that house that calls to you, you’ll know its the one. At that point, rest assured, we will move quickly and skillfully to help you make the best offer for your next home.

The relationship continues after the sale too: I know some great local landscapers, gardeners, architects, painters, contractors and so on. I am always ready and willing to help my clients and welcome the opportunity to help.


My services for home buyers include:


  • Understand and articulate your goals

  • Compile a list of must-have and nice-to-have features

  • Obtain lender pre-approval 

  • Familiarize you with the market and the process so you will ready when the right house comes along


  • Next, we’ll screen the market for opportunities

  • Present the best to you for evaluation

  • Review and refine the search for the right home

Crafting a Successful Outcome

  • I’ll gather information to help you assess the home: reviewing inspections and disclosures

  • Prepare a market evluation of the home value

  • Craft a successful offer

  • Negotiate to an accepted offer with acceptable terms

  • Open escrow and manage the contingencies needed for the closing

After Closing

  • Provide support on making the new home “your home.”

  • Recommend experts to assist you if asked

  • Provide on-going real estate consultation and concierge services