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There are many reasons why someone sells a home: to advance a career by relocating, to get a bit more room for a growing family, or to harvest the bounty of a long life well lived. Whatever your reason, selling your home can be one of the most rewarding events of your life.
Just as reasons for selling vary, so does the timing of a sale. If there’s a job waiting in another city, you may need to move fast. Whereas if a property has been in the family for many years, you may want time to say goodbye. Starting with a thoughtful discussion of what you hope to achieve, I’ll tailor a master plan that exactly suits your needs. I believe real estate is an eminently personal service, so selling your home should be emotionally satisfying as well.
Cambridge Estates, Loomis CA

Ashley Creek, Cambridge Estates, Loomis, CA


Whatever the speed of a transaction, my preparation is always detailed and goal oriented. Before a house goes on the market, I do the utmost to anticipate and deliver the answer every question a buyer might ask. Then I work with you to schedule and manage every aspect of bringing a home to market including:

  • Evaluating the property and setting an offering price that will generate the best sales price

  • Identifying everything that needs doing to show your house at its best.

  • Marketing your home to reach the largest number of qualified buyers possible.

  • Creating a disclosure package so comprehensive that prospective buyers can decide quickly and, typically, make offers without contingencies.

The ultimate objective is, of course, is attaining the very best price for your property and guiding the sale to a smooth, successful conclusion. Thanks to solid preparation and square dealing, the end result is that everyone goes home happy.


The overarching goal is to provide you with the answers necessary to go from thinking about selling your home to achieving a successful sale.

I will collaborate with you to identify and recommend  the most cost effective repairs and improvements for your home. Working together to execute a marketing plan for success. In addition besides leveraging my experience as a listing agent, you will be supported by an extensive network of respected vendors and contractors whom I have worked with over the years.

All selling services are designed to obtain the highest return on your investment and take the hassle out of the preparation process, so you can continue with your day-to-day living.


My services to home sellers include:


  • Share with you about the market and the selling process

  • Develop a strategy based on your goals

  • Analyze your property and estimate its market value

  • Revisit pricing just prior to launching marketing for the sale

Property Preparation

  • Obtain inspections and prepare disclosure documents

  • Advise on property preparations that will optimize value

  • Obtain bids for repairs and improvements

  • Manage the plan approved by the seller


  • Implement a marketing strategy to sell quickly

  • Produce marketing materials: including professional photography, custom website, display ads and the like

  • Hold open houses for agents and the public as appropriate

  • Follow-up on all prospective buyers

Selling—Managing a successful outcome

  • Assess offers: terms, conditions, agent, and buyer

  • Verify buyer’s financial capacity to close

  • Negotiate the best deal

  • Oversee the process to a successful closing