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Seller’s Market Home Buying

Get A Plan For Success

Buy the right home with a plan for success

The first step is discussing the home you want and making a plan for success for buying your home in a seller’s market.  In a seller’s market with sellers receiving multiple offers often on the first day on market, my goal as your buyer’s agent is to make your initial offer stand out to the listing agent and seller for the home you want. 

Good homes sell quickly, you need an offer that stands out

I’m available to show you the latest listings for your custom home search as soon as they are on market. We can view the homes you are interested in ASAP and find out when offers will be reviewed.  When you find the home you want to buy, we’ll make your offer very appealing to the seller and promote you as the better buyer to the listing agent. 

Get Experience that matters

Your real estate agent’s experience matters in a seller’s market.  Buying a home is much about your realtor’s local knowledge of homes for sale, agents who are active in the area, when to submit an offer and “selling” you to the listing agent as a better buyer.  I spend almost half my time buying homes and know how it works to make an offers appealing to the seller especially in a seller’s market.  Even in a seller’s market, sellers have more motivation than just the price to sell. Understanding the market for seller’s and understanding seller’s motivations and needs for you to be in the running to get the home you want is based on over 17 years of home buying.

Let’s Connect and Discuss Home Buying That Works

  • Let’s discuss the house you want and your budget.  Using a loan to buy a home? Let’s talk to your lender about your financing. Need a lender. I can recommend several great local lending experts  if you need a home loan to buy a home.  

  • Together we will understand your wants and need for home— Need to move for a job? Want a shorter commute? Getting married? Having a baby? Need to upgrade or downsize? At this stage in the process, I’ll send you notifications about the listings that you’re most likely to be excited about as soon as they are listed/for sale. You then can let me know if one (or more) jumps out at you so that we can take the next step and schedule a viewing.  

  • Local real estate agents are moving quickly to provide online and virtual platforms so buyers can better view homes. Now most online listings are providing virtual tours, 3D walkthroughs, picture galleries, virtual open houses, seller videos, etc. in addition to the usual property details and descriptions and a few pictures.

    Once you find a home you want to view in-person. Contact me and we will get it scheduled.

  • Currently sellers are seeing multiple offers. When we find your dream home you want to buy, we need to make your offer more appealing to the seller than other offers they may receive. As I mentioned before there is more than price but often terms that make your offer stand out. My goal is to “sell” you and the offer you made to purchase as the best buyer to the seller and listing agent.  

  • Once the offer has been accepted. The home is pending.  Here are some but all of the next steps to buy the home.  We need to get Seller disclosures, any reports and disclosures to complete the purchase, perform any buyer’s investigations, complete the financing, etc. The good news is the only restriction from COVID is to wear a mask while in the home we are buying.

    1. We will open escrow and title online. Your deposit can be dropped off in-person, mailed or couriered to the title company.
    2. We will complete any documents for the purchase online or in person.
    3. Any inspections on the property are allowed with the only restriction being maks in the home while on the property.
    4. We are seeing that most home purchases are being completed within the typical 30 days time frame after an offer is accepted.
  • Once all the contractual contingencies are met we will be able to complete the sale of the house. This is called the “Close of Escrow.” You will be signing documents to take ownership of the home according to the purchase agreement.

    Escrow companies are providing a safe process for the signing of all document related to completing the purchase. These documents that can be electronically signed will be done so. Any documents requiring an in-person signature will de done using safe practices at the title company. There are mobile notaries that can also provide signing services.


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