Sell a Home Better

Sell Your Home For More

Right Now for Home Sellers:

  • Buyer activity continues to be hectic.
  • Inventory is low, demand is high for their home.
  • Interest rates are at still at historic lows.
  • Prices continue to go higher and higher.

Should you sell?

The first step is to reach out to me and explore if now is the time to sell your home. Let’s discuss your motivations for selling and I’ll show you my comprehensive plan and to sell your home for top dollar. If you decide to sell, we will put the plan into action.

How We Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

more than pretty pictures…

  • Setting the Listing Market Price

    Pricing is critical for selling a home. Too high the result is little interest or showings. What is the best price? It’s a deep dive into the real estate market for your home.

    I review the following sales market data for your home:

    1. Local real estate market for the home by zip code.
    2. Neighborhood data for sales.
    3. Your needs to sell the home (when and proceeds from the sale).
    4. Listing price is then set.
  • Showcasing the value of your home’s condition is a priority to sell for top dollar. A home buyer starts their search for home online. The buyers today are seeking and demanding as much information as possible about the home they are considering purchasing. Pre-sale inspections deliver the information committed home buyers want to know before making a better offer.

    I strongly encourage sellers to get pre-sale inspections performed, obtain important information and to provide seller disclosures prior to placing the home on market.

    Providing these key reports, and disclosures helps any buyer purchase with confidence when they make an offer on your home better

  • Don’t you want everyone who is shopping for a home to be able to find it? This is the high level marketing plan for every home I sell which is further customized to properly promote your home virtually better.

    Here are the following online and direct marketing activities once the home is listed to the public:

    1. Dedicated website for your home. See example here.
    2. Online listing of the home with virtual and 3D walkthrough tour which us shared on 1,000s of syndicated real estate websites
    3. Online portal for home inspections, disclosures and reports
    4. Featured Listing on
    5. Email Campaigns to my clients, active buyers and local real estate agents
    6. Direct mail to neighborhood homes
    7. Promotion at the local Realtor Association marketing meeting (PCAOR)
    8. Targeted Social Media Promotions (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)
    9. Virtual Open House and Showing Appointments per California COVID-19 Real Estate Guidelines.
  • Once an offer is received, we will meet to discuss the terms and conditions of the offer and make sure it’s fair and better to you. It’s important to respond quickly and keep the buyer’s high interest and fear of missing out (FOMO) working for you to get their best possible offer for your home.

    If you aren’t comfortable with meeting face-to-face, we can use a video conferencing/chat app: Facetime, Google Hangouts/Duo, Skype, Zoom, etc. to review any and all offers we receive for the property if possible.  

    Any paperwork needed to be signed by the buyer and seller have been using a electronic signature platform like DocuSign to virtually sign. Electronic signatures for the real estate contract have been used for almost 5 years by my business and I’ll help you learn how to use the app. Electronic signatures has sped up the transaction for buying and selling your home making it better.

  • The paperwork for real estate has been replaced by virtual docs and electronic signatures. This has greatly sped up the sales process and kept all parties on task and time for completing a sale.

    We have been using online transaction management for selling and buying a home since 2014. We believe this is the best way to keep on top of the multitude of forms, addendums, and agreements used to sell real estate.

    Rest assured, any help or training will be provided as it has in the past to get you comfortable with the software used to electronically sign.

What’s the next step?

Reach out and contact me. We can discuss your needs and how we can better work together to sell your home.