Move Up Buyers

You are thinking about a “Move-Up” home. Here is how I can help.

Whether it be that you need or desire a larger home, or you would like more amenities, or your commute time needs to be adjusted, there are decisions that affect your current home where I can help. Should you be putting your home on the market and selling it or opt for keeping it and renting it out. What are your options and how we can make it happen is something you can explore with me. But let’s assume the plan is to sell your home, what do you need to do?

Step 1 Call me to determine the market value of your present home

Online home values are a good baseline, but they are not taking into the account the beauty, quality, and condition of your home.  I can help adjust the value of the home based upon the demand, the condition of your home, the upgrades and improvements you’ve made. I will start with a comparison of online and MLS data plus make adjustment based upon the market to sell your home in 30 days.

Step 2 Determine the best options to purchase the Move-Up Home

I recommend using your current lender or financial advisor to see the best option to finance and purchase the “move-up” home. Running the numbers whether it makes sense to “sell and buy” another home. You might be able to keep your current home and purchase the move-up. Either way you should talk to the people you rely on for guidance to make the decision. There are many scenarios that need to be explored and discussed once you know the market value of your current home.

Step 3 Search for the Right Move-Up Home

Discuss the criteria for the move-up and start browsing and viewing homes. Depending on your situation and plans, you should be previewing and looking at real estate to make sure the move-up home is out there. Market conditions dictate how you can make an offer and if a contingent offer to sell your home is possible. In a hot seller’s market, it’s completely doable to list, sell, and buy a home. It’s not difficult, it’s the teamwork on all sides to get it done which believe it or not happens quite often. Previewing homes before listing to sell your home, and finding the move-up is a lot less stressful if you think the move-up home is available to own.

Final Thoughts

Buying a move-up home isn’t difficult, the larger homes in general are not the “hottest” part of a seller’s market. There is often more inventory in a seller’s market for a larger home because these homes typically are in a higher price range with fewer buyers. You might be surprised to find that you even in a ‘seller’s market” can negotiate on your move-up home where selling your current home will often sell quickly with multiple offers. Please reach out to me to discuss your plans for buying a move-up home.