Top 10 Questions About The Escrow Process for Sellers

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) by Sellers about the escrow process. 

  • On the date of recording, your escrow officer will have your sale proceeds available for you. At the time of signing, you may request that your escrow officer either cut you a check for your proceeds or wire funds directly into your bank account.
  • After your escrow officer sends your payoff check to your existing lender, you can expect to get your impound account back directly from your lender within thirty to sixty days. If you have any questions after that time, we suggest calling your lender.

  • A Statement of Information provides title companies with the information they need to distinguish the buyers and sellers of real property from other people with similar names. After identifying the true buyers and sellers, title companies may disregard the judgments, liens, or other matters on the public records under similar names. 

  • A Deed of Reconveyance is issued by your previous lender in conjunction with the payoff on your loan. This document is recorded at the county recorder’s office and shows that the mortgage in your name has been released from the property and paid in full.