Instant Offer Basics

Instant Offers Are They For You?

No Simple Answer

Instant Offers from iBuyers are bringing a new way to sell your home. But is it really the best way to sell or one option that should be explored when selling your home?

I think the answer is complicated and not simple but it’s definitely something if available to a home seller they should consider and investigate. Less start with the basics.

What are Instant Offers and what they mean for potential home sellers.

What are Instant Offers?

Simply put – Instant Offers are a whole new way to sell your house.
They allow you to sell your house for cash in as little as two weeks, without ever having to show your home or have an open house. Better yet, they are bona fide, and a real offer to purchase your home.

So, who is making Instant Offers?

Tech companies primarily, backed by vast sums of venture capital money. They have billions of dollars to make offers and ultimately purchase homes.
The leaders are Zillow and Opendoor. You also have companies like Knock and Offerpad and new players entering the field almost every day now.

The big question. Should you care about Instant Offers?

If you are thinking about selling your home – YES — you should care. Instant offers are available for your home in the South Placer market area. However, the price points that the homes are being resold at are not as high as you think. If you think your home is worth more than $500,000, an instant offer may not be an option.

Warning: iBuyers paid significantly less for these homes

If you think your home is a potential candidate for purchase by an iBuyer. What’s the next step? You should get an offer from as many of these companies as possible.  Compare their offers! Then pick the best one, or decide to go with the normal home sale using a real estate pro.

Why Would I Want an Instant Offer?

For certain sellers who want or need to sell fast, don’t want buyers tramping through their house or need the surety of closing, Instant Offers are a viable way of selling your house.

An Instant Offer is a Real Offer if it’s Available for Your Home

Even for those of you that want TOP dollar for your home, requesting an Instant Offers are valid data points for a quick sale of your home. Time on market is money not in your bank account.

Cliff Can Help

There is so much to discuss about Instant Offers.  Let me help you decide if it’s right for you. Questions and comments?  Just give me a text or call.